Returns policy

In the event that the customer wishes to return a product or to make a complaint about the service, although Foodlus assume the management of the same as an intermediary, the ultimate responsibility will always be of the shop where the purchase was made. If we proceed to refund the amount of the purchase to the customer, it shall be the trade to decide the method of refund (cash, credit card, shopping vouchers, etc) regardless of whether Foodlus who, on behalf of the local trade, complete the return. Therefore, any return or refund shall be exclusively subject to the returns policy of the trade.

If the client wishes to process the return of a product does not comply with your request on the platform, will be the trade who takes over the responsibility of providing a solution to the user. Foodlus, as a business intermediary, is not responsible for the service offered by the affiliated stores.

Each case will be the responsibility of the trade to determine the origin of the return, so that in the event of a dispute, the client shall notify Foodlus through the means provided for this purpose.

Foodlus only be able to intervene in the refund of the price of one or more of the products if the payment has been made electronically through the platform and there has been a computer error in the payment processing.

If the payment has been made physically on the premises (credit card or cash, with a POS physical), Foodlus not be able to guarantee the full refund of the product, but will strive to mediate with the business to find a solution satisfactory to both parties.

In case of computer failure on the part of Foodlus, the customer can demand the refund of the purchase price of the product. However, you must provide a photograph of the entire order along with a list of products that are incorrect or not handed over due to this error, as well as other evidence to prove the non-compliance of the ordered product.

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