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How do I get a greater rotation of the tables?

The increase in rotation of the tables is achieved thanks to the reduction of the waiting time and the simplification of the processes of order and payment on the part of the diner.

How do I get an increase in the average ticket?

Because diners have the ease of ordering through the QR code of the table as many times as you want without the need of going to the staff, this causes the customers to be more reciprocal to the acquisition of more products.

How do you get greater visibility of my restaurant?

With the use of Foodlus in your restaurant, you get a greater visibility due to the service account with a geographical map showing all the restaurants co-workers.

What payments by Foodlus are safe?

The payment service account with the highest security both for the restaurant as well as for the diner, Foodlus offers methods of payment such as: Appel Pay, Google Pay, Visa and Mastercard.

Do you allow separate payment in the same table?

Foodlus integrates the functionality for the realization of the payment for groups where the diners at the same table and they can split the bill and that way make the payment for a more dynamic form.

What Foodlus promote my restaurant?

With the association in the service of the restaurants to enjoy the promotion in the social networks of Foodlus, where you will be able to promote your special offers.

What Foodlus account with a database?

Foodlus account with a database that is shared with all the restaurants to the service so that they can visualize the metrics of your restaurant and implement strategies according to the results.

How can I follow the results of my restaurant?

Foodlus offers the ability for restaurants to be able to perform a constant monitoring without the need to be present in the establishment, and thereby to perform a follow-up remotely from the results of the restaurant.

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